Taylor Swift’s New App Is Getting More Political Than She Has Been All Year









The day after Taylor Swift‘s birthday she dropped a brand new lifestyle app called The Swift Life. It’s been out for a short four days and already things are heating up between Swifties.

The app lets fans connect with each other, have access to exclusive Taylor content and Taymojis. Naturally, the fan forums have turned into a political shit show.

Taylor’s liberal and conservative fans are attacking one another. Fans are criticizing other fans who they voted for or supported in the 2016 presidential election. Conservative fans are also posting homophobic and anti-LGBT messages.



Everyone has a right to be a fan of whoever they please, no matter their political beliefs. But spewing anti-LGBT hate makes The Swift Life not a safe space for LGBT Swifties.

Supposedly fans say that the problematic racist and homophobic posts are being taken down. Taylor’s app turned into a hotbed of politics so quickly, which is ironic because Taylor is very quiet about her political beliefs.

She never gave support for a presidential candidate or has spoken out about poignant political issues. The only one that she has been vocal about is the #MeToo movement because it directly affects her groping case.


But maybe now that the political conversation has moved to her own app she will speak out and take a stand for her fans.

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