In Honor Of Taylor Swift’s Birthday, Here’s A Look At Her Highs & Lows Of 2017

Taylor Swift turned 28 on December 13th and this year, she’s had a lot to celebrate. After a long wait, Reputation was released and sold a million copies in the first week, her old albums can finally be streamed on Spotify again, and she’s happy in a new relationship. It’s safe to say that she’s accomplished a lifetime of work in just 28 years.

Last year, Swift’s ex John Mayer shadily posted a now-deleted tweet, “Tuesday, December 13 may be the lamest day of the year, conceptually,” most likely alluding to Swift’s birthday.

While a few more exes have been added to the list since Mayer, Swift’s too preoccupied to notice. Here’s a look back at the best moments of her year.

When she won a sexual assault case.

This past summer, Swift sued DJ David Mueller for sexual assault and though accused of lying, came out victorious, winning $1.

When she had everyone thinking her Instagram was hacked when it was wiped clean.

Luckily it was a sign that her album was coming.

The moment she rebranded herself.

Though she first came onto the scene as the country girl-next-door, Swift shed that image with her newest album.

Reputation was massively successful.

The album sold two million copies in its first week. Of course, hyping people up with a debut video filled with allusions helped.

Swift is set to debut a lifestyle app.

News broke in October that Swift’s lifestyle app is coming out in late 2017. If you’ve ever wanted to see the inner workings of her mind, keep a look out for the launch date.

The time last month she performed on Jimmy Fallon to support the passing of Gloria Fallon.

In Fallon’s first show since the passing of his mother, Swift was asked last-minute to perform on the show. She moved the audience and team to tears with “New Year’s Day,” in which one line is eerily similar to one of the traditions Fallon had with his late mother.

Swift is always keeping us on our toes with her career choices, blessing us with her relatable lyricism, and actively working beyond the music industry to serve as a role model. If only the rest us of could have a net worth of $280 million by the time we reach 28. Happy birthday, Tay!

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