Taylor Swift Surprised A Superfan In The Sweetest Way









Taylor Swift‘s fanbase, Swifties are as loyal as they come. Even though Taylor has gone through many phases, which we all saw in the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video, her fans have loved her every step of the way.

Swift may be a huge pop star now, but she still doesn’t forget about her fans and how important they are. Recently she was creeping on fans Instagram stories and live videos, you know to casually say ‘hi.’

Superfan @laraheartstaylor was one of the lucky people who Taylor creeped on and joined her Instagram live story audience.

Little did Lara know, this was just the beginning for her and Taylor.

In a very emotional video. Lara told a story about how she won a package from Taylor Swift nation. While she waiting for her package to arrive a car pulled up and Taylor HERSELF stepped out. She got to hang out with Taylor, take a bunch of photos and she also got a package of Taylor’s new merch.

In the videos, she posted explaining the situation she is literally shaking.

To say that Lara was excited is an understatement.  Her entire room is covered in Taylor Swift photos and memorabilia, so the new Reputation merch fits perfectly with the rest of her stuff.

Taylor is trying to connect with fans more and is releasing an app soon to make it way easier. It really pays off to be a Swiftie.

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