Robot President Trump Officially Makes The Hall Of Presidents The Scariest Ride At Disney World

Disney World updated their Hall of Presidents by including the current one, President Trump. The animatronic Trump is simply terrifying. The robot’s body is alright, but the face is far from accurate. It looks like someone saw a blurry image of Trump’s face and used that as the basis of this figure. And then the face got a little melted, but they just shrugged and said it’s fine.

People are saying it doesn’t even look like Trump! It looks like people trying to impersonate Trump.

Seriously, whose face is that? It definitely isn’t Trump’s. The whole video of the unveiling of the animatronic Trump is spot on, from the long tie, the small hands and the fidgeting body language. But the face, why?

It looks like Trump’s face was dehydrated than put back on his body.

Disney definitely did Trump dirty with this robotic version of him.

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