This Fitness Fanatic Is Sharing How She Shed 120 Pounds In A Year

Developing healthy habits and hitting the gym regularly is easier said than done. But just one scroll through Laura Micetich’s Instagram is enough to motivate anyone to hit the gym. Thr 26-year-old has completely transformed herself. In 2014 she weighed 314 pounds and this year she got down to her lowest weight, 180 pounds.

What motivated her to change her lifestyle was all of the health complications that were tied to her weight. Laura, who was then 22-years-old, was pre-diabetic and had hypothyroidism and blood pressure problems. After she graduated college in 2014 she started working out regularly and eating clean.

Initially, she started going to the gym to get her BMI down for weight loss surgery. But Laura quickly realized that she loved working out, so instead of getting the surgery she just kept working out.

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"You're always only one decision away from a totally different life." . . Don't laugh or brush that off. Take a deep breath. Think about how real that is. Think about those words. How unbelievable your power to decide is. You stand on the precipice of life changing decisions every single day. . . Now count to five. And physically move. Act on it. Don't overthink it or talk yourself out of it. Just move. No matter what you're chasing. . . 5️⃣ 4️⃣ 3️⃣ 2️⃣ 1️⃣ Move toward your goal. This skirt is a 26/28 from @asos. I loved it. I wore it once because it was too snug and I tugged on it all night. Not because I was uncomfortable in my skirt. Because I was uncomfortable in my skin. 5️⃣4️⃣3️⃣2️⃣1️⃣MOVE

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Now three years later Laura has no health problems, thanks to her significant 134-pound weight loss. Now Laura is bulking up and creating muscle mass and is total control of her health.

She posts before and after photos, workout videos and inspirational messages on her Instagram regularly. Her motivation and amazing weight loss have gained her over 260,000 followers.

On her blog, The Iron Giantess Life, she says that in the beginning, she didn’t diet. Laura simply “I ate lots of clean good and removed all starches and processed sugars,” she wrote. “I stopped binging on crap.”

Within her first year of lifting and eating clean, she lost 120 pounds. Her blog is filled with resources on how to start lifting and eating clean. Those resources combined with her Instagram as motivation is a lethal combination.

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