Lili Reinhart Calls Out ‘Riverdale’ Fans For A Viral Body Shaming Post

In the mid-series finale of Riverdale Lili Reinhart’s character, Betty Cooper does a risque pole dance for the Serpents, a biker gang. She wore a black lace corset and matching underwear. It was ultra sexy and an iconic moment for Betty.

But ever since the episode aired people have been comparing Lili’s body to Taylor Hill who modeled the lingerie she wore on the show. A Side-by-side photo collage of Lili and Taylor have been circulating Riverdale fan accounts on the internet. This is not a harmless game of who wore it better or styles it better, this is clearly comparing bodies.


The collage has been circulating so much that Lili saw it and she had some thoughts about it. She wrote about how this image is toxic on her Tumblr.

I think it’s time I finally said something about it. It’s disappointing. This photo is being posted by fan accounts. The same fan accounts who love to talk about the amazing female friendships on the show, girl power, Veronica’s inspiring feminism, body positivity, etc. And that is the most hypocritical shit I’ve ever seen.

Lili wrote that this photo helps “fuel this delusional idea that it’s still okay to put women on a pedestal and compare them.” The photo is wildly toxic and has negative body image.

She calls out the fans who are “feminists” saying that they are part of the problem. “You are promoting the idea that this model is what all women should look like and that it’s not okay to look like anything else,” she wrote.

This isn’t the first time Lili has shared opinions and personal stories on her Tumblr. She candidly wrote about her own sexual assault and mental health.

Calling out fans for problematic behavior isn’t easy, but Lili did it with grace. Her post is articulate and makes strong points as to why this photo is not okay and problematic.

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