The Man Who Has Been Stalking Katy Perry Has Been Arrested

Celebrities are amazing, we get it. There’s always that one public figure we want to meet or hug because of the impact their music has had on us or because we bet they’d be fun to hang out with. But there’s a difference between being a stan and a full-on stalker.¬†We see cases of celebrities being stalked all the time, including Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner, but this guy took it to a whole other level as he followed Katy Perry around the US.


Pawel Jurski, a particularly obsessive man from Poland, was arrested for allegedly stalking Perry on the charges of following her to six different cities. He reportedly tried to rush through a restricted area at Perry’s Miami concert at American Airlines Arena and was subsequently arrested by security. According to TMZ, Jurski appeared in a Miami court on Thursday and potentially faces felony charges.

Based on the police report, Jurski’s accused of attending six of Perry’s Witness: The Tour concerts in the past few weeks and has tried to contact her in each city. When asked if he wanted to harm her, Jurski commented, “I will do whatever it takes to be with Katy Perry.” He even allegedly told police that he followed Perry to a steak restaurant to try to get in contact.

So far, Perry hasn’t publicly commented on this.¬†Luckily she won’t have to worry about this anymore, as Jurski’s bond is set at $34k and he’s currently unable to travel. It should never be taken lightly when one’s safety is compromised.


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