These Leaked CEO Emails Talking About Miss America Contestants Are Disgusting

Amidst an endless flurry of news stories detailing cases of disrespect towards women this year, here’s another to add to the pile. Sam Haskell, the CEO of Miss America, has been a source of controversy over the past years due to internal and external incidents. The Huffington Post reviewed and leaked internal emails of Haskell, in which he’s fat-shaming past contestants or using derogatory language when speaking about them.

In one particular blasphemous email, Haskell is exchanging jokes with Lewis Friedman, the lead writer of the Miss America telecast. Note, they were the only ones laughing. The two were discussing changing the name of past contestants from “Forever Miss Americas” to “Former Miss Americas” or “c****.”

Huffington Post

The Huffington Post has reported how Friedman and Haskell frequently slut-shamed or fat-shamed former winners and used sexist language.

In another case in 2014, Friedman emailed Haskell to offer his sympathy after the death of a former winner, Mary Ann Mobley. Friedman replied, “It should have been Kate Shindle,” who was the 1998 Miss America.

Haskell allegedly receives a hefty paycheck of $500k a year, and it’s really disappointing to see him speak about contestants or winners who contribute to the company’s success in such a disgusting way behind closed doors.

While the pageant world is no stranger to controversy, the women who participate sometimes dedicate their entire lives to preparing and pouring their heart into these events. They advocate causes personal to them and they’ve worked hard for their achievements so they can get the chance to represent our nation. Like everyone else, they deserve respect.

Friedman has reportedly recently been let go following an investigation over the emails, while Dick Clark Products, the producer of the telecast, has already cut ties.

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