You Just Might Find True Love At The Airport This Holiday Season

The holidays are full of traveling. From going on trips home to see family to visiting friends in their respective cities, there’s a ton of places to go and people to see. Airports are full of different people from all walks of life. We also know that being at the airport can bring all kinds of negative. Long lines, rude people, delays, the food isn’t that great and unless you have TSA-approved precheck it can be an all-around nightmare. Have you ever stopped to think that the airport could actually be a positive place? Or somewhere that you might meet your soulmate? recently shared tips on how to meet someone at the airport and went through their 2016 data on their ‘missed connections’ feature, which shows who you’ve crossed passed with based on your location.

Bustle took that data and broke down the top 10 airports with the most missed connections, meaning that these are the places you’re more likely to find a date or love.

  1. Chicago O’Hare
  2. Atlanta
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Denver
  5. Dallas/Fort Worth
  6. Phoenix
  7. Newark
  8. Orlando
  9. San Francisco
  10. Boston

Picture this: You’re at the airport and you’re frustrated because the lines are long. You didn’t even have time to grab your coffee because you were already late getting to the airport. You’re standing in line trying to read a book on your Kindle when someone suddenly elbows you. You roll your eyes, sigh heavily and look up. The guy standing next to you apologizes profusely for knocking into you and expresses that he’s carrying too much stuff and he was just trying to get his phone from his pocket. He laughs and gives his apologies again, which basically disintegrated your anger and charms you into accepting his apology. He’s kinda cute. He offers to buy you coffee as a formal apology as long as you agree not to run off with his stuff. You accept and before you know it you both get talking, exchange phone numbers and board your flights.

I’m not saying that this will happen, but a girl can dream. Ready to pack a bag and head to the airport? Already bought our tickets.

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