7 Fashion Influencers You Need To Follow On Instagram









Most of us try our best to look good, whether it’s with our hair, makeup, or outfits. As hard as we may try, we still have those days when we have no idea what to wear or utter the infamous line “I have nothing in my closet,” when in fact you have way too many clothes.

There are many outlets to find inspiration. You can check out YouTube and watch hundreds of hauls for cute pieces to buy for your wardrobe. You can scroll for hours on Pinterest trying to find outfit inspo and wind up looking at cute pictures of kittens.

Sometimes we don’t have that kind of time. These ladies are always posting their #OOTDs, which makes inspo so convenient. Keep scrolling to follow the best fashion influencers on Instagram.

Emily Cholakian


Emily’s sense of style is very eclectic. She wears lots of patterns and prints while still looking put together. Her photos are very aesthetically pleasing and she posts about two times a day, so you’ll always find inspiration when you’re scrolling through your feed.

Beth Norton


Beth’s style is so chic! She makes everything look like it’s fresh off the runway. Her looks are great inspiration if you need an idea for going out or have to look put together for an interview. She considers the clothes she wears to be high-street fashion and tags everything she wears in her photos, down to the earrings.

Virginia Victoria


This stylist is “not your average,” as she claims in her bio. Her style is her own and everything she puts on looks great! She knows how to dress up her everyday looks into something that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. Her outfits are very put together without needing too many pieces. She posts mirror selfies every day, so you’re sure to find a look you’ll love.

Sherlina Nym


Sherlina is the sneaker goddess. Period. This girl has over 100 pairs of sneakers in her collection. She even has a sneaker wall in her closet! If you ever need ideas on how to dress up a pair of sneakers, she is your girl. She recently started her own YouTube channel so if you ever want to know what Sherlina is buying at the moment, make sure you check it out. She posts every day, taking pics of everything from her outfits to her nails to her newest sneaker purchases.

Emma Roche


Emma’s style is truly unique. She mixes a lot of prints and patterns with lots of bright colors. If you love bright reds and pinks and purples or interested in trying it out, she is your go-to girl. She posts pictures of her loud outfits every day on her InstaStory as well as leaving the links to her clothes on her personal blog.

Alicia Roddy


Alicia is the poster child for the updated preppy look. She mixes pastels and check patterns like gingham and Prince of Wales, and makes them all look super chic. She often adds streetwear to her preppy look by grabbing things like sneakers and track pants. She has her own blog and YouTube channel and she’s pretty good at responding to questions in her comments.

Amanda Korina


Amanda’s looks are the definition of a city girl. As the seasons change so does her wardrobe. If you ever need to know how to look great on any day of the year, follow her account. She posts daily about her outfits and her day-to-day lifestyle. You can check out her blog to find the links to her outfits as well as links to similar pieces if they’re sold out.

Veronica Bonilla


Veronica is the definition of “slim-thick.” This curvy fashionista knows how to dress, everything she wears looks great on her and she encourages her followers to think the same way, no matter their size. I look to her for almost all my outfits. She engages with her followers on a daily basis on both her Instagram and Snapchat and posts on her blog frequently.

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