Logan Paul Has Made More Than $12,000 From His ‘Suicide Forest’ Apology Video








Logan Paul has been faced with the wrath of the internet after posting a disturbing video on YouTube showing a man who committed suicide in the Japanese Aokigahara forest. At first, Logan just apologized by a tweeting out an apology written on his notes app.

The apology was subpar at best and the onslaught of hate continued. So Logan posted a more heartfelt and emotional apology video the next day. His teary-eyed video has almost 9 million views on Twitter and more than 24.8 million on YouTube, his preferred platform.

But here’s the catch, Logan’s YouTube video apology is monetized, meaning he is making money from every view it gets. According to Social Blade, he can make anywhere from $12,000 to $97,000 from this video. Even though the video has a 49.6% disapproval rating, he is still making big bucks from the views.

Social Blade also reports that in the last 30 days Logan’s YouTube subscribers has actually increased. In the last 30 days, he has gained over 1.2 million followers.

One of the only redeeming qualities to his original “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest…” was that he didn’t monetize it. But monetizing the apology is almost just as bad. How is the apology sincere if he is profiting off his mistake?

People were quick to call him out for profiting off his disturbing video. YouTube was also called out for letting him monetize this video, they also received criticism for letting him post his original video.



To profit off of someone who committed suicide is disturbing. Logan hasn’t commented on the recent monetization backlash because he’s taking a break from vlogging. Let’s hope YouTube steps in and does what’s right.

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