Debby Ryan Slams Logan Paul In Impassioned Instagram: ‘Ignorance Is… Malice’

Debby Ryan is one of a handful of celebrities who have slammed Youtuber Logan Paul since his widely-criticized and triggering video showing a man who committed suicide in Japan.

Still, despite the widespread utterances of disgust and dismissal, Paul’s subscriber count has only increased since the troubling content went live — and now Ryan is taking to Instagram to speak out about not just his actions, but his followers’ actions.

“We’re all dumb sometimes,” she acknowledged. “But can we please stop glorifying remorselessly irresponsible people? I understand talking about it; it’s an important conversation, I think. It’s uncomfortable at best and deeply triggering at worst, and not just for those of us who’ve been convinced by volatile depression and dissociation to engage in selfish, hopeless behavior.”

Ryan’s problem comes with how Paul has gained subscribers instead of losing them, and how our culture places more value on white male voices than marginalized ones.

“Rewarding these monsters with money, support, and making them famous. Glamorizing social recklessness and being surprised when their addiction to shock factor crosses lines,” she continued. “We’re so quick to justify and defend and shield ignorant straight white dudes with cameras & loud voices from consequences, while nitpicking marginalized voices into unrealistic accountability. That silences voices we need right now.”

Her post is eloquent and makes a powerful point: in rewarding Youtubers who go for shock-value at any cost, our society both ignores more important voices and gives a platform to those who are doing more harm than good.

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