Cole Sprouse Calls Out Fan For Googling ‘Cole Sprouse’ In Front Of Him

Cole Sprouse has a history of playfully dragging his fans who try to take covert pictures of him, so when he saw someone googling his name in line in front of him, he couldn’t help himself.

A fan who recognized Sprouse googled the star in a Hawaii ice-cream shop this week to verify his identity. The Riverdale brooder caught her in the act and posted the receipts to his Instagram Stories, followed by an exasperated selfie.

Naturally, Sprouse’s hilarious response has garnered viral attention.

“I was waiting in line when I turned around and saw someone who looked eerily like Cole Sprouse,” 19-year-old college student Janani Krishnan-Jha relayed to¬†Buzzfeed.

“I almost told him he looked a lot like Cole Sprouse, but then I realized that it might actually be him. Because I wasn’t 100% sure yet. I decided to turn around and google the name quickly. (I actually googled Dylan Sprouse first, so I hope he didn’t see that). I had no idea that he was looking, and thought the phone was sufficiently hidden, but I guess I didn’t do a good enough job because when I turned to ask for a selfie, he smiled and told me he’d seen me google him.”

Fortunately, Cole — who is vacationing in Hawaii with none other than Bughead’s other half Lili Reinhart, but that’s another article — was amused by the encounter.

“I told him I was embarrassed, and we laughed and took a selfie!” Krishnan-Jha recalled.

*cringes with second-hand embarrassment powerful enough to keep me awake at night*



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