This HQ Trivia Winner’s Tearful Reaction To $11.30 Has Everyone Nodding

HQ Trivia has taken over almost 400,000 players’ lives twice a day when the competition goes live, and winning — as any dedicated fan knows — is damn near impossible.

Getting all 12 increasingly challenging questions correct is the only way to win any monetary value, but it’s about so much more than the often-modest winnings, as one viral player’s emotional reaction demonstrates.

Lauren May went viral this week after her friend filmed her reacting to winning HQ Trivia — and being awarded $11.30.

Twitter user Avery Amour uploaded the content (filmed by Megan Kum) and it quickly racked up over 1,000 likes for the amazing juxtaposition between the meager winnings and the over-the-top response.

“Watching Lauren May’s roller coaster of emotions as she realized she’s won $11.30 playing @hqtrivia yesterday was a truly epic start to the new year,” Amour wrote alongside the video of her friend crying — then screaming — then collapsing to the ground in sheer joy.

“I started playing a month ago with my friends and played with my entire family over Christmas,” May told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I think once my friends saw me crying when they thought I lost, they knew it would be a good idea to film. Though always genuine, my reactions to most things are ridiculous. We only got one life to live — gotta enjoy it and ham it up! But yes, I’m obviously mortified this video is going viral.”

May even caught the attention of HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky, who dubbed her “HQtie of the year” (and it’s only been one week).

Watch the hilariously relatable video below:

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