These Are The 8 Most Memorable Lewks From The Golden Globes Over The Years

Every time red carpet season rolls around, we all get some serious wardrobe envy. If only we could have an evening adorned in jewels and a lavish gown. Prom is probably the closest we’ll get to those moments but for celebrities, strutting down a red carpet is usually just another Saturday night.

While some award shows, like the VMAs or AMAs, have a laid-back and eccentric vibe, the Golden Globes is a show to bring out the most regal gowns your stylist can find. Legs typically aren’t shown, unless there’s a high slit in a dress, and jumpsuits are left for another formal occasion. You might think that six-inch stilettos combined with gowns with long trains would prohibit these celebs from normal walking, and you’d be right. Jennifer Lawrence tripped at the 2016 Golden Globes, but thankfully it was only during the red carpet and not on her way up to the stage like her Oscars tumble.

The red carpet isn’t always about wearing the most ostentatious outfit you can afford, but rather making statements. In recent years, celebrities have made an effort to incorporate subtle but meaningful pins to their dresses to symbolize a political or social statement. This year will be no different. Amidst the #Metoo campaign and movement against sexual harassment, the Golden Globes guests and nominees will be wearing black to show their solidarity. This is especially monumental as The Weinstein Company has been a regular host of the Golden Globes after-party in the past years. Take a look to see some of the memorable looks over the years.

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