Donald Trump Forgets Words To National Anthem: Social Media Reacts

President Donald Trump decided to take in some good old-fashioned American fun by taking in the country’s most popular past time-a football game. Unfortunately for Trump, he quickly became a trending topic before kick-off when he was recorded mumbling his way through the National Anthem!

On Monday night, the President attended the College Football Playoff National Championship game in Atlanta. While Trump stood among service members at midfield with his hand across his chest, cameramen zoomed in on Trump who appeared to be mumbling the words.

It didn’t take long before the video went viral and Twitter users shared their reactions.

Trump was already facing criticism for attending the event and there were several reports earlier that if he attended he’d be booed by hecklers.

Some Twitter users cried hypocrisy against Trump for his tweets against players taking a knee and Colin Kaepernick but found it totally ridiculous when it appeared that Trump was rambling his way through “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

After the supposed fumble, Josh Dawsey, a White House reporter who travels with the president, took to Twitter to give his take.

Despite the president’s blunder, he appeared to be unbothered and was photographed enjoying the rest of the game in peace.

Trump’s anthem fumble left the “tweet-happy” president quiet for the time being. Trump recently garnered some harsh critique after his string of tweets for bragging about how his nuclear bomb button was larger than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and after he declared himself a renowned genius. Trump’s recent string of tweets not to mention his Anthem blunder has left some speculating if the presidency is starting to take a bit of a bigger toll on the former business tycoon. With all this talk of Oprah possibly running for president, perhaps Trump is feeling the pressure is on.

In any case, we can only consider that perhaps Trump was still on auto-pilot from his flight in and was having a moment. Let’s hope he’s better prepared next time because if not, social media will be letting him know!

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