Serena Williams Vogue 2018 Cover: Best Tweets & Reactions

It’s only been four months since Serena Williams gave birth to baby Alexis Olympia Jr. and in the February 2018 issue of Vogue the tennis champ is opening up about her complications giving birth, being a new mom and getting back to her first love tennis.

In the latest Vogue cover, Williams is pictured with her four-month-old daughter Alexis. Donning a red dress and a smile, Williams sat down with Vogue and for the first time since giving birth is opening up about her daughter’s delivery.

This morning, the seasoned tennis pro tweeted how excited she was about gracing Vogue’s cover saying:

Immediately after Williams sent out the tweet, fans tweeted their excitement.

Many fans also reacted to Williams’ ridiculously adorable daughter, who is making history as the youngest Vogue cover star ever!

Vogue has also been tweeting about Williams’ interview teasing us with tidbits and quotes of their revealing sit down.

Williams left no stone unturned in her interview revealing for the first time that she was forced to have an emergency c-section after Alexis’ heart rate dove incredibly low during contractions. Williams explained that while the surgery went off smoothly, everything went horribly wrong after.

The day after recovery, Williams says she was experiencing shortness of breath and immediately alerted the nurse about her concerns. Williams had a history of blood clots and wanted to make sure everything was okay, and it turns out her hunch of something wrong was on point.

After stopping her anticoagulant meds leading up to her delivery, Williams had indeed developed multiple clots in her lungs. She was immediately given a drip, but then due to her cough, it opened up the scar from the c-section and because of that her abdomen filled with blood.

The severe complications ended when Williams was given a filter through her veins to prevent any potential clots from entering her lungs.

Because of the of the ordeal, Williams was forced to be on bed rest for six weeks.

The self-proclaimed control freak expressed how hard it was to give up control when she went through the health scare and goes more into depth about being a mom, returning to tennis and more in the new issue.

We are so happy to hear that Williams and baby Alexis are okay and can’t wait for her return to tennis. For now, we will continue to swoon over the adorable baby pics and selfies Williams posts on her Instagram!

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