Bella Thorne Is Getting Dragged For Her Insensitive Tweet About The California Mudslide

Southern California has had seen lots of natural disasters these past few months. Right now Santa Barbara County is experiencing severe mudslides shutting down the 101 highways. ABC reports that at least 17 people are dead, with over 40 people missing and at least 28 people injured.

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My beautiful home town of Montecito…. Where my roots were placed, where my mother raised me and my family. Completely under water. I really can't believe it. I am praying and thinking so much for our friends in the hospital and their families that are still missing. For our horses, dogs, cats-all animals- that gave us happiness, who are now searching for a dry place to lay their heads.. our elementary school… The freeway to drive to school and where @mini_jk_imbig and I would walk after school.. under water. My heart is broken…. I remember when something similar happened in La Conchita about 12 years ago, so close to us and how much it took to rebuild… I can't imagine how Montecito feels now. I am so sorry. As always- Please send websites for donations. I'm ready to help. Thank you to the rescue, fire fighters and security teams in SB for staying strong and your hard work to pull out anybody and anything in sight. My love is with you so deeply SB.

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Naturally, traffic has been even crazier in Santa Barbara because the 101 is a river of mud. Bella Thorne tweeted about the horrific mudslide, but not in a sympathetic way. According to Teen Vogue, the now deleted tweet read, “F*ck u 101 to santa barbra. I’m missing my boyfriends first date on his tour:(((.”

Rob Lowe, of all people, screenshotted the tweet and wrote some very harsh words about Thorne. “This Attitude is why people hate celebrities/Hollywood,” he wrote. “Bella, I’m sorry you were inconvenienced. We will try to move out our dead quicker.”

Lowe wasn’t the only one unhappy with Thorne’s insensitive comments. The replies to her deleted tweet were flooded with people calling her out.

Thorne tweeted an apology saying she didn’t know why the 101 was shut down and to get home safely.

The mudslides have been covered by the national news since they started. Oprah even Facetimed into The Ellen Show to show the damage done to her house.

At least Thorne issued an apology, but it’s shocking that she had no idea about the mudslide considering she lives in Southern California.

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