Taylor Swift’s ‘End Game’ Music Video Is Here And Twitter Did Some Major Sleuthing

If you stayed up until midnight last night, you were probably waiting for the drop of Taylor Swift’s music video for “End Game.” Well, it’s here and shot in Tokyo and Miami, it does not disappoint. Spoiler alert, Katy Perry didn’t make an appearance, but lucky for us, Ed Sheeran and Future did.

The video shows the Swift, Sheeran, and Future having fun in their international travels, from riding motorcycles, dancing on yachts, and having night strolls on the beach. But no Taylor Swift music video is ever a simple four minutes. Since it’s her we’re talking about, you know she had to sprinkle in a few details and throw a bit of shade here and there.

Swift continues the bad girl style with all black ensembles and smokey eye makeup. However, the old Taylor does make an appearance when she wears glasses that we’ve seen in past music videos.

You belong with me ❤️
22 ❤️
End Game ❤️#EndGame#EndGameMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/AaFJIjo5d0

— TSwɩzzʟє❤ (@Tswizzle_Squad) January 11, 2018

Fans of the South Korean band Red Velvet found matching looks.

Did someone else notice this? Or is it just me??#RedVelvet #Irene #PeekABoo #IreneRedVelvet #Reveluv #TaylorSwift #EdSheeran #Future #EndGame pic.twitter.com/W0Vyft2Ytk

— #HappyKyungsooDay🐧💖 (@oohinna) January 12, 2018

Others were just happy to see Swift being free.

This music video is just beyond everything I expected. It feels like more than just a fun dancing shtick. It feels like a true music video where we get to see Taylor have fun, be drunk, and not give a damn. It's beautiful. #EndGameMusicVideo #EndGame

— Na'ama (@Mind_Twist_You) January 12, 2018

Towards the end of “End Game,” Swift is prancing on the beach under the fireworks and fans think it’s an allusion to a lyric in her past track, “Dear John.”

I'M SHINING FIREWORKS OVER YOUR SAD EMPTY TooooOOOOOOOOOooooWN#EndGameMusicVideo #EndGame #TaylorSwift @taylorswift13 pic.twitter.com/5bK1zIF1WP

— i skip none on reputation 🇵🇭 (@nrnsmyth) January 11, 2018

Some fans compared the different personas of Swift from her music videos.

#EndGameMusicVideo is 22 MV's alcoholic sister … #TaylorSwift #EndGame #reputation @taylorswift13 pic.twitter.com/owLOyLxl8B

— i skip none on reputation 🇵🇭 (@nrnsmyth) January 12, 2018

If you paid attention to the juice box Swift was holding, you might have expected the words to translate into some hidden message. Actually, it’s a bit more simple than that.

The juice box says ‘End Game’ in the katakana alphabet #EndGameMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/6yGcKbg9b2

— Taylor Swift News (@TSwiftNZ) January 10, 2018

Another fan translated Japanese signs from one scene. Meredith and Olivia happen to be the names of Swift’s two cats, not her ex’s new lovers.

For the Starter Pack #EndGameMusicVideo @JosephKahn pic.twitter.com/EEpwAP75rq

— Aoki Yagashi (@AokiYagashi) January 11, 2018


— nino ❄️ (@tayloredswift) January 12, 2018

The translations didn’t just end there.

It says Joe in Japanese on one of the signs! #EndGameMusicVideo pic.twitter.com/g7ZFT3eY39

— Liz (@_13WildestDream) January 12, 2018

Check out the full music video below.

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