Find Your Museum Portrait Doppelgänger With This Unexpectedly Funny App

It’s 2018, and celebrity doppelgängers are so passé; the latest trend is to find your museum portrait doppelgängers, with amusing — and often horrifying — results.

The free Google Arts & Culture app has been gaining viral attention on social media, with even celebrities like Busy Phillips and Rowan Blanchard sharing their LOL-worthy hand-painted lookalikes. (Granted, the app has a few other features as well, including featured articles, celebrity interviews, and art collections, but it’s the most recent selfie installment that has garnered widespread attention).

To unveil your destiny, snap a photo of yourself in real-time (no prepared uploads allowed, so know your angles) and allow the app to tell you which portrait best matches your features, and what percentage of a match you are.

As Blanchard’s Instagram Stories suggests, it’s probably best not to take it all too seriously.

Busy Phillips is appropriately enamored with the app — and she isn’t the only one.

Congratulations, Google marketing geniuses, for spurring thousands of selfie enthusiasts to download an app about art.

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