The Government Is Now Warning People To Stop Eating Tide Pods

It’s difficult to look upon 2018 as a clean slate full of possibility and the potential for positive change when the first trend to go viral involves consuming… laundry detergent.

As Buzzfeed noted, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission felt compelled to speak out this weekend against the “Tide Pods challenge” that may well be poisoning thousands of… trend-followers. (I’m sorry; I cannot write this article without excessive ellipses. I can’t do it).

“A meme should not become a family tragedy,” the federal agency tweeted. “Don’t eat poison.” Tide itself has also spoken out against the Twitter trend, writing: “What should Tide PODs be used for? DOING LAUNDRY. Nothing else.”

Even Paris Hilton has inexplicably weighed in.

Please don't eat laundry pods. Learn more ways to #preventpoison

— US Consumer Product Safety Commission (@USCPSC) January 13, 2018

People are floored that in just two short weeks, 2018 has already come to this.

the government is issuing pleas for us to stop eating Tide pods and we wonder why the aliens won't text us back

— JuanPa (@jpbrammer) January 13, 2018

apparently there is a facebook group of angry moms that are upset and nervous that tide pods may be discontinued because millennials keep eating them and that is the most 2018 shit ever

— RyansAverageLife (@RyanAbe) January 12, 2018

[sees article about teens eating Tide pods]


— Erin Sorensen (@erinsorensen) January 13, 2018

…we could just let the Logang eat the tidepods

— tom (@tom_harlock) January 10, 2018

Don’t eat Tide Pods, fellow kids. Listen to Dua Lipa, if not the government.

Instead of eating tide pods watch my video

— DUA LIPA (@DUALIPA) January 12, 2018

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