This Video Of Cara Delevingne Snoring While Getting Her Makeup Done Is Your Sunday Aesthetic

Yesterday in what managed to be simultaneously the most and least relatable content, Cara Delevingne posted a video to Instagram capturing all of our weekend aesthetics.

The actress shared a video of herself getting her makeup done, audibly snoring through the entire process with closed eyes as the makeup artist expertly applies mascara.

“Here is something natural for you to chew on… or maybe not so natural,” she captioned the shot, “commence the snoring.”

The short video is making everyone who has ever nodded off at work smile with recognition — though the notion of being able to sleep through hair and make-up (and not in a bathroom stall à la Broad City) is a wistful fantasy for most of us.

“Omg I would do this,” one follower commented.

“I have so many questions.”

“Multitasking at its finest.”

Watch in quiet admiration below.

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