Millennial Women Cheat More Than Men: Here’s Why

Yea, we know that they say cheaters never prosper but according to a new study, millennial women are throwing the rule book out the window, switching things up and stepping out on their partners more than millennial men.

According to a recent study done by the Institute for Family Studies, based on the data recorded from the General Social Survey, millennial women have higher rates of infidelity compared to millennial men. The survey found that 11 percent of married women between the ages of 18 to 29 state they are guilty of cheating versus 10 percent of married men their ages.

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Although women only lead by 1 percent, that’s 1 percent more of millennial women stepping out on their partners and sleeping with other men!

In the past, it’s been known for men to stray from their relationships more so than women so what gives for the increase and sudden switch in numbers?

According to one doctor, she claims it’s all because of social media.

“While gathering data for my book Facehooked, several Millennials (aka Digital Natives) informed me they tend to do most of their interacting and flirting through mobile dating sites and social media platforms,” says Dr. Suzana E. Flores.

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“The reason for this is that Millennials (compared to other generations) have a clearer understanding of how to navigate digital interactions. Women, in particular, tend to spend more time interacting on Facebook than their male counterparts. Therefore, it makes sense that social media has changed the game in terms of age and gender factors when it comes to cheating. On Facebook and other platforms, temptation is “in your face” so to speak — on your mobile devices where practically everyone is digitally connected at all times, it’s all too easy to run into old flames or “the one that got away” and as we grow accustomed to sharing more of ourselves on these platforms, the chances of infidelity are increased because social media blurs boundary lines when it comes to casual messaging versus flirting.”

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There is definitely something to consider when it comes to how social media has affected relationships. These days it’s all too easy for someone to slide in your DM and start something. What are your thoughts on the study and the doctor’s explanation as to how millennial women are cheating more?

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