Kristen Bell Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Kristen Worth Right Now?

Kristen Bell has been in the acting business since 2001, that’s 17 years of professional acting under her belt and she has the resume to prove it. She’s acted on Broadway, in major films like Bad Mom, voiced Anna from Frozen and is currently crushing it on the small screen as Eleanor in The Good Place. But with all of this hard work, how much is she worth?

Kristen Bell Net Worth As Of 2018: $16 Million

Here’s how Kristen Bell made her money.

1992 – 2003

kristen bell net worth 2003

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In 1992, Kristen Bell had her first audition when she was 12 years old, for Raggedy Ann and Andy produced by a suburban Detroit theater. Before she turned 13, her mother hired an agent who helped Bell appear in several television commercials for Detroit retailers. Growing up Kristen didn’t like her first name so she went by her middle name, Anne, which then just became Annie. She was called Annie until she graduated from high school.

Throughout high school, Bell took was a part of several plays: Fiddler on the Roof, Lady be Good, Lil’ Abner and she played the leading role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Bell graduated from high school in 1998.

Bell moved to New York City after graduating to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she majored in musical theater. But in 2001, she dropped out in her senior year to star in the short-lived Broadway musical version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She was only a few credits away from graduating, but clearly, she made the right decision to jump-start her career.

Unfortunately, Bell had trouble the next few years trying to land another role. That was until 2002 when she was castes in the Broadway revival of The Crucible with Liam Neeson. After her Broadway run was over she moved out to Los Angeles.

2004 – 2006

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In 2004, Bell played a supporting role in Lifetime’s television movie Gracie’s Choice. It was a success for the network and Bell was nominated for an Emmy Award. That same year, the actress worked alongside Val Kilmer in the political thriller Spartan. It was the first movie Bell had released in theaters. Bell also guest-starred in HBO’s drama Deadwood.

Shortly after Bell was cast as the lead in Veronica Mars. Despite being 24, she perfectly played Mars who was a 17-year-old student and detective. It was easy for her to related to Mars because like Mars her high school best friend also died.

Critics always thought Bell should have been nominated for an Emmy for Veronica Mars, but sadly she never was.


2007 – 2011

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Veronica Mars was canceled in early 2007 after its third season. But Bell’s career was just getting started. She was cast for a 13 episode guest spot on Heros. In 2007 Bell became the iconic voice of Gossip Girl, voicing all the intros for every episode until the shows end in 2012. She made a brief cameo as herself in the final episode.

This was also the year that Bell made the jump from TV to movies. She was the title character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, her co-star Mila Kunis and her would later star in Bad Moms together. She later reprised her role as Sarah Marshall for Get Him to the Greek. In 2008 she starred in Disney’s When in Rome. Bell starred alongside Meg Ryan in Serious Moonlight and then Jason Bateman in Couples Retreat in 2009.

Bell then combined her love for theater and movies and starred in Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher. Bell started dating her now husband, Dax Shephard in 2007. They became engaged in 2010, but refused to get married until gay marriage was legalized.

2011 – 2014

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Bell kept busy in 2011 landing movie roles, but she returned back to TV in 2012 when she was cast as Jeannie van der Hooven in Showtime’s House of Lies. One year later she voiced Princess Anna for Frozen, which went on to smash box office records. Frozen is the ninth highest grossing film ever with a worldwide earning of $1.276 billion. It’s the highest grossing animated movie. It’s the second animated movie to ever gross over a billion dollars, the other movie is Toy Story 3.

Bell finally married Shephard after gay marriage was legalized. They got hitched in October 2013. Bell also gave birth to their first child, Lincoln Shepard, earlier that same year in March.

That same year Bell and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter to raise money to film a Veronica Mars movie. The $2 million goal was raised in less than 10 hours. The movie was released on-demand in 2014.

In 2014 Bell and her husband Dax starred in a commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. It became so wildly popular that they were signed on to do another commercial.

Bell gave birth to her and Dax’s second daughter Delta in December 2014.

2015 – Present

House of Lies fifth and final season aired in 2016. Bell continued doing more voice work as the sloth Priscilla in Zootopia. That same year Bad Moms came out. Bell starred alongside Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina Applegate. She later reprised her role in 2017 for A Bad Moms Christmas.

Later in 2016 Bell made her way back to TV playing Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place. She stars alongside Ted Danson. The Good Place has received great critical reviews for the performances, writing and season one’s twist ending.

She starred as herself in the biographical comedy-drama The Disaster Artist in 2017. Bell voice acting in Wreck-It Ralph 2 that is slated to come out in 2018. Frozen 2 is supposed to come out in 2019, Bell is, of course, doing the voice of Anna.

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