This Twitter Account Is Dedicated To Comparing Harry Styles To Books

Harry Styles fans have no chill when it comes to the former One Direction member. There’s a whole Twitter account that is dedicated to comparing photos of Styles to book covers. It’s called Literary Harry.

The account does a surprisingly good job at matching pics of Styles to books. Harry hasn’t been quoted in an interview saying that he is a huge bookworm. It seems like this account is a purely made by a fan who decided to join their love of books and Styles.

The novel and Styles comparisons are mainly based on color and composition. If the photo has lots of blue undertones, then the novel cover will be mainly blue. If his shirt has a pattern you can bet that the books cover is going to have a similar pattern.

Comparing Styles to books is no easy feat. You have to have a vast knowledge of literature and of Styles. Literary Harry has seriously has 100’s of book comparison tweets.

Don’t worry Style’ has been compared to every Harry Potter book. It’s only fitting because both their names are Harry and they’re both English.

The Twitter account is impressive and has enough Styles and book comparisons to keep anyone’s finger scrolling. We never knew we needed this account, but now that it’s in our life we are wondering why it took us so long to find it.

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