Andi Dorfman Thinks ABC Should Focus On ‘The Bachelorette’ & Nix ‘The Bachelor’

Andi Dorfman is as over The Bachelor as Arie Luyendyk Jr. is over contestants named Lauren, and in a playful new interview she suggested a change to improve the franchise.

“Just do all Bachelorettes from now on,” she laughed to Entertainment Tonight, “because other than myself, The Bachelorette seems to have a way better track record.”

She isn’t wrong. The season 10 Bachelorette admittedly picked the wrong guy, ending her relationship with Josh Murray six months after their engagement, but she likes to think of herself as an outlier.

Statistically speaking, six out of 13 Bachelorettes are still with their final rose, while only one Bachelor couple — Sean and Catherine Lowe — have managed to make it work. Dorfman may be onto something.

“I think the women maybe take their time more…I think women are just better pickers, except for myself,” she continued. “In the future, I hope to not pick any more wrong ones.”

While missing out on the powerful female friendships that get forged on The Bachelor — as well as Corinne Olympios’ cheese pasta — would be a monumental loss, Dorfman’s observation that women are “better pickers” in matters of the heart is difficult to dispute.



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