Harry Styles Could Be The Next James Bond







The James Bond franchise is trying to cast their new Bond. Daniel Craig, who currently plays the iconic British agent, wants to step down from the franchise. Names have been thrown around about who should play Bond, mostly Idris Elba’s name, but a new “actor” has been thrown into the ring, Harry Styles.

Lee Smith, Spectre‘s film editor, suggested that Harry could easily play Bond. “Harry could do it. If they wanted a young Bond then why not? He has got it,” Smith told the Daily Star.

Honestly, Styles playing Bond is a definite possibility. Christopher Nolan is being recruited to direct the new Bond films and he has already worked with Styles on Dunkirk. Still, it’s too early to tell where the Bond franchise will go. Fans have mixed feelings about Styles as Bond.

But what about Elba? Is a Bond franchise possible with both British actors? This Twitter user has it figured out. Elba can play Bond, while Styles is Q. Q is the guy who supplies Bond with all the cool spy gear.


Who knows this cast could be a reality soon. Now the internet just has to finish casting the rest of the new Bond movies.

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