Dua Lipa Would Very Much Like Everyone To Stop Reminding Her About The Rules

Dua Lipa has saved lives with her New Rules™, and while that claim is unsubstantiated, the cut-and-dry lyrics to the hit song have at the very least encouraged listeners to stay strong in moments of weakness.

The single “New Rules” introduced listeners to a concrete and catchy mantra to keep exes away:

1. Don’t pick up the phone
2. Don’t let him in
3. Don’t be his friend

Of course, like many musicians, Dua Lipa has had some trouble shaking off her hit song and its powerful lyrics, and her listeners are forever trying to define her by it.

This week, reports emerged that the pop star is “back in touch” with her ex, and her stans were horrified to see her ignoring her own lyrics’ advice.

“sis u broke the new rules,” one Twitter user protested.

“Sis get a grip,” Dua Lipa shot back to over 100,000 likes.


TBH, the most important part of this story is the Mean Girls thread that follows, that I could not justify including in this article, but that you absolutely should read.


*waits patiently for Dua Lipa’s new song, probably called “Breaking the Rules,” “New Rules pt. II,” or “The Rules Don’t Apply”*

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