Dua Lipa’s Empowering New Music Video Is All About Self-Love

Dua Lipa eschewed the traditional girl-dumps-boy break-up saga with her new music video for “IDGAF” — instead choosing to represent the inner turmoil between the stronger and weaker parts of herself after a break-up. With two versions of herself, one dressed in blue and one in red, battling (with dance squads, because obviously) and eventually coming to peace, the video is speaking to many of her fans who have struggled with self-love.

The goal of the video is to “embody the sense of empowerment in the track, whilst going beyond the literal breakup context” according to director Henry Scholfield. “The strong Dua at first berat[es] then eventually persuad[es] her weaker alter ego that they both don’t give a f-k.”

While Dua Lipa herself tweeted that the video “was the toughest and most challenging video to film,” taking 22 hours, fans are struck by its creative vision and messaging, many applauding the shot in which Dua Lipa’s “stronger” self (dressed in navy) kisses her “weaker” self (dressed in red) on the forehead. The video reached over a million views in just six hours, and fans’ reaction to the storyline was so strong that it swiftly became a Twitter Moment.



This isn’t the first of Dua’s videos to gain viral attention; her “New Rules” music video — which has been watched on Youtube millions of times — was similarly applauded for its depiction of female friendship and empowerment.

Watch the visually striking video below:



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