Fans Are Convinced This Picture Means The Jonas Brothers Are Reuniting

Fans are feeling nostalgic for Joe Jonas’ hyper-straightened Camp Rock-era hair, Nick Jonas’ crooning vocals, and the sprawling posters lovingly tacked above their beds in 7th grade.

The Jonas Brothers reactivated their Instagram account last week, and now a decidedly ominous new photo is reviving longtime fans’ long-buried hopes.

Kevin posted a black-and-white photo to the app yesterday (January 27) of the three brothers in deep conversation, all sporting leather jackets and attentive expressions. The shot has no caption, but fans didn’t need one.

“OMG THE BOYS ARE BACK,” one user commented.

“I’ve been screaming uncontrollably for a week straight,” another wrote.

“The rumors are true!”

Of course, with none of the brothers confirming anything, the rumors may well not be true: but that doesn’t mean fans can’t soak in this photo of the Jonas Brothers together again, discussing what appears to be Very Important Things, and smile with hopeful nostalgia.

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