There’s A Bot Now That Helps You Cheat In HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is so difficult to win that one player went viral for collapsing onto the ground in disbelieving tears after winning $11.30.

This makes the existence of a cheat an appealing notion for many players who otherwise could not hope to make it past round six. A 33-year-old Canadian developer has coded just such a bot that plugs into the back-end of the game to give players extra time to deliberate and a data analysis of correct answers.

The bot pulls up questions seconds early, HelloGiggles reports, and shows a “percentage breakdown” of the likely correct answer.

According to The Daily Beast, the bot answered around 90 percent of questions correctly, though the creator said he hasn’t won once with the bot’s assistance (it’s still in early stages of development, and fudges many questions).

HQ is, of course, not at all down with bots on the app that could diminish real users’ prize money. A spokesperson said that the company “expressly reserves the right to disqualify any entries that it believes in good faith are generated by an automated means or scripts.”

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