Fans Think Rihanna Is Pregnant Because Of Her Grammys Performance

The Kardashian’s pregnancy rumors have sparked some serious baby fever in Hollywood and the gossip columns. Now fans think Rihanna is secretly pregnant.

After the Grammys people took to Twitter to discuss Rihanna’s body, stomach and many other of her physical features. The onslaught of speculation was brought on by her Grammys performance of “Wild Thoughts.” The performance was amazing, but unfortunately, some people were too busy dissecting Rihanna’s appearance.

Being pregnant is super exciting, but to speculate someone is pregnant solely because of their appearance and weight gain is body shaming.

This isn’t the first time that Rihanna’s body has been under scrutiny. Rihanna being thicker has been speculated a lot. Barstool Sports commented on Rihanna’s minor weight gain in May 2017. Their now deleted article was titled, “Is Rihanna Going To Make Being Fat the Hot New Trend?” and they were quickly roasted for their ignorance.

She was body shamed over this video of her buying junk food at a convenience store. The fan account posted it in support of Rih and saying to stop judging her. But the comments were ruthless. Rihanna herself went in on the comments to call out people calling her fat.

But still, people think it’s okay to comment on Rihanna’s body. Not everyone in Hollywood is hiding a pregnancy! Chill out. Saying she is pregnant because of weight gain is body shaming. A general rule of thumb is to not comment on anyone’s body.

Some Navy fans came to Rihanna’s defense and shut the haters down with positive vibes. They were also quick to point out that the previous fat/pregnancy rumors about Rihanna started months ago, so she would have given birth or be noticeably pregnant. But she isn’t because those fat shaming rumors were false similar to these ones.

Rihanna never lets the haters get in the way, so I doubt these rude body shaming rumors will.

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