Kim Kardashian Hired Look-A-Likes Models To Recreate Her Yeezy Season 6 Photos

Kim Kardashian is no doubt Kanye West’s biggest muse. Kanye opted out of New York Fashion Week and instead decided to debut Yeezy Season 6 on Kim by utilizing her fame. The pap snapshots of Kim running errands were then used as the marketing and advertising photos for Season 6. Love them or hate them you have to admit that this campaign is brilliant.

Now right before NYFW is supposed to start Kanye hired a bunch of models, celebrities and influencers to identically recreate Kim’s pap shots. A few of the models, the Clermont Twins and Lela Star, went as far to hop on Kim’s naked Instagram trend. Fair warning these photos are NSFW and are edited just enough to be able to be posted on IG.

The biggest celeb to don a platinum blonde Kim wig is Paris Hilton. Seeing Paris dressed up like Kim is the definition of something coming full circle. Kim was originally known for being friends with Paris because she was her closet organizer. But when Kim’s fame began to eclipse Paris’ it affected their relationship.

Now Kim is way more famous than Paris will ever be. She has gone from cleaning Paris’ closet to having Paris dress up identical to her like it’s some sort of frenemy Halloween holiday. We are in real time watching Paris succumb and admit that Kim is more famous than she is. It’s beautiful, hilarious and iconic. At least Kim had the decency to call Paris “The OG” in her tweets.

The Kim klone campaign is brilliant because it’s feeding into the idea that you too can look like Kim, but only if you wear Yeezy Season 6. The campaign also deliberately uses social media like no other fashion campaign has. The guerilla Instagram marketing is progressive and sharp.

It’s hard to keep track of who is part of the campaign because they all look alike. Keep scrolling to see every model, influencer and celeb that is part of the Yeezy Season 6 campaign.

Abigail Ratchford

Amina Blue

Chinq Pink

Jordyn Woods

Kristen Crawley

Lela Star

Madeleine Rose

Paris Hilton

Sami Miró

Shannon and Shannade Clermont

Sarah Snyder

Yovanna Ventura

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