The Internet Came For This Article That Called Skincare A Scam

Skincare is having a major moment right now. Maybe it’s the rise of Korean skincare regimes or Glossier’s “skin is in” motto, but there is no denying that people are caring for their skin more now.

Sharing skincare regimes, tips and products are like sharing golden secrets. If someone with glowing skin tells you the products they use it’s the ultimate sign of trust and friendship. When the Outline published an article calling skincare a “scam” skincare fanatics were pissed off.

The article, “The Skincare Con” written by Krithika Varagur, argues that achieving perfect skin is an unachievable pipe dream that companies are hanging over our mindless heads to convince us to buy expensive products.

“Perfect skin is unattainable because it doesn’t exist. The idea that we should both have it and want it is a waste of our time and money,” Varagur wrote.

The article talks about “New Skincare” and how it’s masked as being minimalist, because you’re not wearing tons of makeup, but you’re still buying tons of skin products. “New Skincare is (still) chiefly about buying things, and displaying them for others to see — to prove that you worked hard for what you have, even if you’re, say, a model, whose profession self-selects for superior genetics.”

Basically, the whole entire article denounces the new skincare trend and essentially called everyone who has given into the idea of perfect skin a sucker.

The skincare suckers did not appreciate Varagur’s harsh words about their (or should I say our because I am a self-described sucker for skincare) vitamin C serums, pH face washes and lactic acids addictions.

The anti-skincare piece received tons of backlash from beauty editors and writers too. Seriously everyone was pissed the heck off about it.

Maybe Varagur is just one of those people who drinks a lot of water and washes her face with hand soap and has clear skin, so she thinks everyone else is over complicating their skin regiment.

All I know is that nothing is going to make me throw out my serums and toners, not even this article.

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