The Spice Girls Just Reunited & Everyone Is Fangirling

The Spice Girls have reunited and everyone is properly freaking out. Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice posted a few photos on her Instagram of her hanging out with the rest of the Spice Girls, Emma Bunton, Mel B, Geri Halliwell and Mel C.

Now Posh didn’t hint at a reunion tour, but Baby Spice aka Bunton definitely did. She shared the same photo, edited slightly differently, with the caption, “The future is looking spicy!”

Could there be more Spice Girls in our future? Maybe a Spice World 2? There have been reunion rumors circulating for a long time. The closest fans ever got to one is when the girls reunited and performed during the London Olympic games. It’s been six years since the five girls got back together.

Stil fans believe that a reunion tour is on the horizon. The biggest reason why they believe so is because Posh spice is present. Beckham has spoken candidly about not wanting to get back together and that she doesn’t even like singing.

It also helps that Beckham shared another photo with the rest of the girls and their longtime former manager Simon Fuller.

The mini-reunion took place at Halliwell aka Ginger Spice’s home in London.

Just because the girls and their manager reunited doesn’t mean a reunion tour is necessarily what they’re working on. The Sun reports that they are working on a new project that could be endorsement deals, a greatest hits album or various TV talent shows. Fuller is the creator of the Idol franchise.

The Sun also said that the girls will pocket a little over $14 million each from their new projects. Beckham only agreed to the new projects on the account that she doesn’t have to sing.

Whatever the Spice Girls decide to do, reunion tour or not, it will be amazing and full of girl power.

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