These Are The Ways To Have A Successful Long-Distance Online Relationship

Choosing to be in a long-distance relationship with someone is a huge commitment that takes sacrifice and hard work.  But what happens when you’re trying to have a long-distance relationship that’s entirely online? Believe it or not, having a successful long-distance relationship online is not as hard as it sounds. If you’re teetering back and forth on how it can be done, here are 5 simple tips on how to have a long-distance online relationship.

1.Focus on the connection versus the distance

When you focus more on the potential connection you’re building versus the distance, it allows the relationship to progress at a natural, seamless pace. If you pay more attention to the distance and the fact that you’re communicating online, you may wind up missing out on an opportunity to build a really solid relationship with someone. Focus more on building and less on geography and technicalities.

2.Video chatting is NECESSARY

When you’re trying to have a relationship with someone online, video chatting is essential to building a stronger connection and relationship. Make an effort to make sure you have great wi-fi and a decent internet package to ensure you’ll get the most out of your chats. Also, make sure that when you both are video chatting you’re carving out your time to spend talking (and checking out your sweetheart). Because both of you are probably busy and don’t have the luxury to see each other as often, making sure that you’re 100 percent focused while on the video chat shows that you’re attentive and you value whatever time you have together.

3. Meet in person

Depending on your financial situation it’s essential to meet up with each other when you both are comfortable enough to do so. Mentally, you both should be ready to meet each other, and financially you both should be comfortable enough to take turns flying out to see one another. If it’s too expensive to fly across the country, try flying to a mutual area that’s reasonably priced for both of you and treat it like a mini-vacation with your bae.

4. Keep in touch

Making sure you keep in touch is SUPER important to maintain a happy and prosperous online long-distance relationship. Because you’re already at a disadvantage with being long-distance, keeping in touch as much as possible is imperative.

5. Follow your heart

If deep down in your heart you feel like you want to scale things back a bit or if you feel like you want to take things a step further and talk long-term, follow your hear and make sure you let your partner know. Keeping an open line of communication of how you feel is important to make sure you’re both not wasting your time.

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