Zendaya Uses Coloring Books To Manage Her Stress & TBH Same

Time and time again Zendaya has established herself as a strong role model for her fans, negotiating with Disney until her K.C. Undercover character felt nuanced and strong, releasing a gender inclusive clothing line, and using her platform to speak out about cultural appropriation and politics.

Now, the Spiderman: Homecoming actress is opening up to her fans about stress management, and sparking an important dialogue in the process.

“I literally have a coloring station at my house,” she tweeted on Friday, “in my house we all find it quite therapeutic. It helps me with stress.”

Sure enough, Z shared a photo of her coloring nook, which features a box of colored pencils and markers and a stack of coloring books (with a Disney princess book resting notably on top).

Her fans are relating to the anecdote, sharing that they also use coloring to destress — or that her tweet has inspired them to start. The tweet has already garnered over 60,000 likes and 5,000 replies.

Coloring, of course, isn’t a wild celebrity suggestion like only drinking smoothies that you should probably-definitely not follow. It generates wellness and quietness and is recommended by psychologists to help abolish worries.

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