Jessica Simpson Is Being Lip-Shamed For A Selfie Because Of Course She Is

McCarthy/Getty Images

In the last year alone, Jessica Simpson has been the target of public shaming for letting her daughter play with make-up, failing to cut her son’s hair to a gender-normative length, and posting a picture of her daughter in a bathing suit — so really, it’s no surprise that she’s now being shamed for her lips.

Last week, Simpson posted a selfie from her walk pouting for the camera. “#SandpaperSmooch” she captioned the shot, seemingly in a self-deprecating nod to her dry lips. Still, Instagram users felt the need to tell her how bad they thought her lips looked.

“Put some lip balm on,” the milder comments read.

“Looks like all the injections have damaged her lip it looks as the circulation is damaged and cut off she needs to talk to her doctor,” the more aggressive ones say.

While genuine concern about someone’s health is always valid, as Allure points out, lip injections may change the shape of lips, but do not damage them. Flinging insults masked as concern for someone’s health is just another way of body-shaming women from behind a computer screen.


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