Taylor Swift Fans Are Trolling Karlie Kloss For Hanging Out With Katy Perry











It’s no secret that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry aren’t BFFs. In fact, we can pretty much assure you that you won’t catch the two ladies having a Girls Night Out anytime soon. As girl code standards go, if your former BFF is feuding with someone else, then you owe it to her to not get involved, right? Well, if you ask Karlie Kloss, she may think differently, and now fans are calling her out on it.

Swift’s feud with Perry is no secret, especially to Kloss who used to be just as close to Swift before their relationship took a turn for the worst as well. Well, when TMZ posted a picture of Kloss hanging out with Perry on Tuesday, fans immediately called out Kloss by putting rat emojis in the comments of her Instagram picture.


Apparently, this isn’t the first time Kloss’ loyalty has come into question either.The social butterfly is known for having a big circle of friends but back when Swift and Kloss were on better terms, fans called out Kloss for being a crappy ass friend to Swift. Last July, Kloss was called out for missing Swift’s annual Fourth of July Party and instead chose to hang with Kendall Jenner in Paris.


Fans tweeted Kloss and called her out for ditching Swift for her other friends.

To add even more fuel to the broken friendship fire, Kloss apparently shaded Swift earlier in the year with a LOVE Advent calendar shoot. Kloss posted a video with the caption, “Swish swish” which is an obvious reference to Perry’s diss track about Taylor.

This is the first person from Taylors former “girl squad” to diss Swift. Lorde called being friends with the singer like an “autoimmune disease“.

While we understand that Kloss is allowed to be friends with whomever she wants, do you think Kloss is playing both sides or is she just being really messy and disloyal?

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