This Twitter User Is Pointing Out How Important ‘Black Panther’ Is For POC–5/?taken-by=blackpanther

Black Panther is almost here and all the reviews are hyping the film up to possibly be the best Marvel movie ever. It’s also the first Marvel movie about a black superhero with multiple black characters.

People are excited to see some diversity and people of color on the screen. Marvel doesn’t have the best track record hiring POC. They posted a 10-year anniversary photo of all their leading characters, directors and producers and it’s overwhelmingly white and male.

But Marvel isn’t the only sci-fi franchise to feature white men. Twitter user Dylan Marron highlighted the lack of diversity in sci-fi films by compiling all the lines spoken by POC. He started this project three years ago but is tweeting about it again to show just how important Black Panther is.

The amount of line given to POC in major movie franchises like the Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings is abysmal. Every word spoken by a POC is the entire LOTR franchise can be compiled in 47 seconds.

Out of the seven Harry Potter movies totaling 1,207 minutes, only five minutes and 40 seconds of that were said by POC. That’s only 0.47% of the movie, not even a full one percent.

He has a whole series dedicated to showing just how little POC are given speaking roles in major films, but in his Twitter thread, he just highlighted his sci-fi compilation.

His point of resharing these clips is to show how important it is to have a black superhero movie like Black Panther. Marron wrote, “[These stories] each deal with fantastical elements yet seem to have found it “unrealistic” to cast POC in anything but the periphery.”

Because POC have typically cast as minor roles in sci-fi movies and given a minimal amount of lines, seeing a proper representation of POC in Black Panther is a big deal.

There have been a few critics saying Black Panther isn’t a big deal because representation doesn’t matter. But clearly, based on Marron’s videos, representation is desperately needed in sci-fi movies. Thankfully, Black Panther is here to make up for all those years.

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