Zendaya Shuts Down Those Memes Of Her Side Eyeing Blake Lively








New York Fashion Week has ended and weirdly enough a few memes came out from the week. NYFW isn’t known for creating fantastic memes, but this year we were graced with Cardi B sitting next to Anna Wintour at Alexander Wang and Zendaya side eyeing Blake Lively and Emily Blunt.


The video is shady. Emily says something clearly hilarious that causes Blake to throw her head back and laugh. Zendaya turns around looks at Blake with a side eye and judges them for being loud. Or at least that’s how it seems.

Zendaya took to Twitter to explain that she wasn’t shading Blake and Emily and simply was turning to look at the runway. The three-some were at Michael Kors NYFW show.

Someone even captured Zendaya laughing with Blake and she joked about where that video is.

Even Michael Kors posted a photo of the three hanging out in the front row together. Clearly, there is no bad blood between the three actresses.


Zendaya, we know you weren’t shading Blake and Emily, but we are still going to use it as a reaction meme and GIF because it’s too perfect to pass up. Just be ready if you ever plan on shading Zendaya on Twitter because she will clap back.

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