A French Figure Skater Pulled Off A Costume Change Mid-Routine

While spinning above the ice on razor-sharp blades may seem impressive enough to most Olympics viewers, French figure skater Maé-Bérénice Méité decided to work a costume change into her routine as well..

Méité competed in the free skate program Thursday (February 22) skating to an elegant Chopin piece that changed midway to Pharrell’s “Happy.” With the change in song came a surprising switch in outfits. She quickly adjusted her skirt to reveal a hidden sparkly section to better accentuate the playful song, and while she didn’t medal, she definitely should have for that Broadway stage crew execution alone.

NBC was quick to point out the impressive moment, and viewers were awe-struck (though the Olympics committee didn’t seem to give her any extra credit for sheer innovation?)


If Méité’s name seems familiar, it’s likely because she made headlines with her sleek Beyonce routine earlier this month.

Real-life footage of all of us whenever  Méité takes the ice:

Grammy's Beyonce

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