This New Britney Spears Meme Have Fans Convinced She’s Cleopatra

Britney Spears fans have supported the pop star through all of her highs and lows.

A fan jokingly tweeted that a 3D image of Britney Spears was actually the outcome of Harvard University scientists’ attempting to recreate what Cleopatra looked like.

According to BuzzFeed, this tweet is actually part of a larger joke that started from a Lana Del Rey fan account. The person who runs @lovemedown told BuzzFeed that they’re mutuals with the Lana stan account.


The original tweet popped off, but someone quote tweeted @lovemedown’s tweet and their response went viral. They tweet “It’s Britney bitch” alongside the tweet.

But the best part about the Brtiney Cleopatra tweet is that people thought it was real. They really believed that Harvard scientists created a 3D rendering of Cleopatra based on research and facts and she happens to look like Britney.

Twitter users flooded @lovemedown’s mentions asking where the link to the study was and arguing about Cleopatra’s ethnicity. They were quick to remind them that Eygpt is in African so the likelihood of Cleopatra being white is slim.

Seriously, a lengthy Twitter discussion took place arguing Cleopatra’s ethnicity and if she would be white passing, black or Greek.

The joke didn’t go over everyone’s head, just local Twitter.

If you see any tweet claiming that scientists found out what Cleopatra looked like, it’s more than likely fake, so no need to ask for receipts.

Did you believe the original tweet?

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