Britney Spears’ Flower Painting From Her Iconic Instagram Video Just Sold For $10,000

What can’t Britney Spears do? She is a dancer, actor, singer and painter. Screw your triple threat, she is a quadruple threat.

Britney gave her fans a sneak peek at her latest painting on Instagram. The iconic video shows Britney outside on a huge lush balcony, with her leg perched on a stool, wearing a sports bra and painting two intricate pieces, one is of flowers and the other is of swirls. Both paintings have broad and strong brush strokes with a cool color palette. Oh and Mozart is playing in the background.

Britney is out here living her best and most carefree life! The video turned to an instant classic with fans declaring Britney the princess of pop and modern art.

Turns out Britney wasn’t just painting to kill the time before her Las Vegas residency show, she was painting for charity. Her flower painting was auctioned off at Vegas Cares to help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Britney’s original was sold for a pretty penny.

Robin Leach bought the singer’s floral masterpiece for a whopping $10,000.

It’s not clear if he’s a huge Britney fan, really loved the painting, wanted to help the victims of the shooting or all three. Either way, good luck trying to buy a Britney Spears original for less than ten grand. But if we are being honest, Britney’s paintings are priceless.

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