Britney Spears’ Shaded Her Ex Justin Timberlake In The Most Perfect Way

Justin Timberlake just performed at the largest event of the year, the Super Bowl and his performance received mediocre and mixed reviews. Lots of people were upset that he was asked back to the Super Bowl and Janet Jackson wasn’t. On Sunday fans got #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay trending.

People were also upset that he performed alongside a Prince hologram and just Timberlake’s overall shady past that mostly involves how mean he is to Britney Spears, still.

The day after Timberlake performed, sang “Cry Me A River” one of his many songs about Spears and dissed her Las Vegas residency, Spears tweeted this.

This tweet is too perfect for so many reasons. First, her boyfriend Sam Asghari could literally snap Timberlake in half. His arms alone are bigger than Timberlake’s entire body.

It’s also more proof that the best way to get back at your haters is to be happy. Her fans noticed the shade and appropriately freaked out and applauded the queen of pop.

Whenever Timberlake goes to promote an album he always has to shade or mention Spears in any capacity. Seriously, they broke up in 2002 and he’s married, but still brings up their messy break-up.

Most recently he shaded artists who have Las Vegas residencies and called them a “retirement plan.” This was clearly a dig at Spears who’s residency just wrapped up and was one of the most successful ones.

Spears’ residency has topped critics reviews and she raked in tons of cash. According to E! News, Spears earns about a million a week. That doesn’t sound like retirement to me.

Maybe Timberlake should focus on his career and leave Britney alone for good because she is doing more than just fine, she’s happy.

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