Kim Kardashian Put Designers On Blast For Copying Kanye West & Yeezy

Kim Kardashian is always brutally honest no matter what. It could be about her family, her wig or lack of and especially when it comes to her husband Kanye West.

Kim recently put some designers on blast for copying her husband’s Yeezy clothing line, the one she and look-a-likes of her infamously modeled. There’s no doubt that Yeezy has had a great influence on fashion and clothing, hello basics are back for a reason, but some of these designs and aesthetics are a little too close for comfort.

Chanel’s 2018 spring and summer footwear looked uncannily similar to Yeezy Season 4 clear boot.

Kim tweeted, “Oh cute!” That’s practically dripping with sarcasm it physically hurts to read it.

But the shade doesn’t end there. Kim posted on her Instagram story calling Yves Saint Laurent out for coping Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo Tour set.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Story

The colored lights from above look, dare I say, exactly like Kanye’s set. Where the models also walking on a slanted runway suspended above the crowd?

Kim Kardashian Instagram Story

Even though Kim makes a good point and it’s never okay to copy other artists images and designs, Kim isn’t totally in the clear herself. Her family is notorious for copying other smaller labels. Most recently Kim and Kanye copied some major fashion labels.

Back in December 2017 Kim and Kanye showed off new pieces form their kid’s clothing line, Kids Supply. The new sparkly dress and jacket are exact replicas of a Vetements and Comme Des Garcons.

We love that Kim is sticking up for her husband and his creative property, but she needs to do some soul searching as well.

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