Men In Hollywood Launch #AskMoreOfHim Campaign In Response Of #TimesUp

Men in Hollywood have launched a campaign, Ask More Of Him just in time for the Oscars.

Ask More Of Him is a campaign for men in conjunction with the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements that have been sweeping the nation and Hollywood. The campaign is to encourage “more men to use their privilege and platforms for good.”

Only a handful of Hollywood men have signed the Ask More Of Him campaign. Among them are David Arquette, Justin Baldoni, Matt McGorry, David Schwimmer and many more.

The letter launching the campaign recognizes and applauds their co-workers for speaking out about their harassment and abuse. ” We are in awe of their strength and commitment to speaking truth to power.”

It continues to state that being in awe is “not enough.” It recognizes the privilege that men in Hollywood have and how it’s their responsibility to hold their male friends and co-workers responsible.

Therefore, one of the most powerful things that men can and must do is make it clear to other men — including their friends, colleagues and co-workers — that sexual harassment and abuse are never acceptable. This goes for everything from sexist and degrading comments, right up to domestic violence and sexual assault

The men recognize that their behavior in the past may have enabled problematic behavior, but they won’t let it moving forward. “Nonetheless, we believe that men must speak out against sexism, even as we engage in our own process of critical self-reflection, personal growth and accountability.”

They conclude their latter by saying they will support people who speak out about their abuse and will condemn sexism whenever and wherever and hold themselves and others accountable.

This effort to get men involved in denouncing sexism and abuse is vital. Since the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements only women are being asked about the abuse and what needs to change in the industry, not the men. Men have also endured abuse and harassment in the industry.

Terry Crews, Anthony Rapp and Brendan Fraser have all spoken candidly about their abuse in the industry. But still, to change a culture, everyone in the culture has to be involved in the change including men. But when red carpets interviews roll around only women are being asked about Time’s Up and when men are asked they don’t have an answer.

Kudos to the men who are spearheading Ask More Of Him, but the list of men who signed the letter should be much longer.

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