The ‘Friends’ Women Are In A Group Text Together & Our ’90s Hearts Are Swelling

Friends has been off the air since 2004 with little hope of a revival, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the ’90s sitcom from reminiscing about the gang’s “reserved” caramel couch, many romances, and nostalgic concept scarves.

Fortunately, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courtney Cox still seem to really be F.R.I.E.N.D.s, revealing to Us Weekly that they even have a group text together.

“Lisa, Jennifer and I all have a text chain, but to me it’s too much pressure,” Cox admitted (moment of silence for how cute it is that she called it a “text chain”). “I’m not into the group text chain. I really don’t like it!”

Kudrow also commented on the “text chain,” adding: “It’s a lot.”

“You have something funny to say and you say it but then you send the text and they don’t get it,” Cox added, voicing all of our worst fears aloud.

It’s easy enough to imagine what Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe’s 2018 group text might look like (Rachel  would be complaining about Ross’ incessant mansplaining, Phoebe would be sharing witchcraft practices) but Cox, Kudrow, and Aniston’s probably looks a little different. Here’s hoping it mostly consists of playfully dragging each other with gifs from the show.

Anyway, until they share the transcripts, it’s all a moo point.

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