Kristen Wiig Is Slated To Play The Villain In The ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

To quote one of Kristen Wiig’s most enduring Saturday Night Live characters, ohhhhhhhh my godddddddd, I’m just so freakin’ excited!

The beloved comedy actress is slated to take on a much more serious role for the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel as one of Diana Prince’s most powerful nemeses, the Cheetah.

Director Patty Jenkins confirmed the rumors on Friday morning. “So excited to confirm the most thrilling news,” she tweeted. “Yes! It’s true! So incredibly lucky to welcome the sensationally talented Kristen Wiig to our Wonder Woman family. Can’t wait to finally work with one of my favorites. And SO excited by what we have planned. #Cheetah!!!”

Wonder Woman herself also welcomed Wiig to the team.

“I’m SO excited welcome on board Kristen!” Gal Gadot tweeted. “This is going to be WONDERful!”

For those uninitiated, the Cheetah “typically looks like an ordinary woman, but has the ability to morph into a human-cheetah hybrid, complete with increased speed, strength, and agility.”

Cheetahlicious (sorry).

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