Literally No One Was Prepared For Daylight Saving Time This Morning


Daylight Saving Time marks the start of warmer weather, longer days, and earlier sunrises, but losing a full hour of sleep overnight is always unpleasant and jarring. Those who did a double-take glancing at the time this morning, or who slept through an appointment or alarm, are not alone: all of Twitter seems to be taking to the platform to express their befuddlement and grogginess this a.m.

According to CNN, the majority of people aren’t disrupted by Daylight Saving Time “at all,” but those who are mourning the extra hour of sleep are a vocal and spirited group (many of whom are in desperate need of a nap right now).

One thing is certain: Daylight Saving does not help with the Sunday scaries — or with making brunch reservations.

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